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    • 1984
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    • George Orwell     


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      Welcome to 1984, the world of Big Brother!

      A world where the laws of nature obey the laws of the Party, where love is a crime and history is pure fiction. You will never be alone here, not even with your own thoughts, as the telescreen keeps a vigilant eye on you. This is a world where choosing friends and trusting your family can be a choice between life and death.

      Winston Smith lives alone and works in the Ministry of Truth rewriting the past. But he writes the real truth in his diary hidden away from the telescreen. When he falls in love with Julia, he becomes a danger to the Party and soon learns what it means to be different.

      This book speaks to us today more than ever.


      PART I: Big Brother - Climate of Fear - Memory Hole - Party Propaganda - The Proles. PART II: A Glimmer of Hope - Challenging the Ministry of Love - A Message from O’Brien - The Brotherhood - Goldstein’s Book. PART III: The Place of No Darkness - The Re-education of Winston Smith - The Last Man - Room 101.

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