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      Tattoo & Piercing

      A complete professional Guide

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      A book to make you skilled in this profession, which tells about the ancient tradition of body art, new regulations, tools, techniques and execution procedures for would-be tattooists and piercers.

      To be able to work in this field in Italy, it is required a certificate which is received by passing a regional test; all the topics involved in the test are thoroughly examined in this book.

      The book is divided into 5 sections, with the following features: an extensive chapter focused on drawing and art techniques; historical and current windows of analysis (e.g. rules to comply with in shops to avoid coronavirus); theoretical and practical tests and final exercises; interviews with two of the world’s best-known tattooists: Thomas Carli Jarlier and Matteo Pasqualin.

      The largest section focuses on the world of tattooing, works of art on skin which are analysed in detail in these pages and described with their technical innovations and the follow-up to being tattooed. Next is the study of the skin and sanitary rules and regulations for the profession and when opening a shop, and the world of piercing and permanent makeup.

      About the author

      Marta Inkedsoul works with the Black StormTattoo studio in Rome. She graduated in Humanities, but her passion for the art of tattooing drove her in 2010 to study to achieve the certification to perform this profession.

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