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    • Gianluca Lentini     

      Climate Stories

      From Mesopotamia to the Exoplanets

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      How many times has the climate changed in the past five thousand years? The book tells the complex and changing story of climatology, a science of nature as old as human civilisation.

      Ever since the Ice Age, the effects of climate change have affected the development of cultures and civilisations. Our journey begins in Mesopotamia, where special climatic conditions led to the first flourishing civilisations, and goes all the way to the latest research on the climate of planets far from Earth.

      Today, climatology is at the centre of the political and economic debate on global warming: while the climate triggered human development (rising temperatures are what made agriculture possible), now mankind is determining the climate.

      About the author

      Gianluca Lentini is a geophysicist specialised in climatology and works as a researcher for the Poliedra-Politecnico di Milano Consortium, where he works on sustainable development projects. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of Climalteranti.it, a website and blog on climate change; he also writes scientific and popular publications on the subject.

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