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      The neuromarketing handbook

      • Overview
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      This is the first neuromarketing manual to come out in Italy based on national case studies. It is the outcome of the work and research of the Italian Neuromarketing Association. Written by the top Italian experts in the field, the book presents neuromarketing as an interesting model to modernise a company’s strategic marketing approach.

      This model can provide dramatic breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, advertisers, creatives as well as marketing and communication students, as they will all find turnkey solutions for their work and studies. The book shows how to create brain-friendly advertising, products, services and experiences by providing an offer that is increasingly tuned to people's deepest expectations and able to improve their quality of life; it offers tools to optimise brand equity and positioning strategies; it helps to develop new economic models aimed to create a company focused on the principles of neuroethics.

      About the author

      Caterina Garofalo is the president and a co-founder of the Italian Neuromarketing Association (AINEM) and the Brain&Mind Academy. A professor of marketing and neuromarketing at IUSTO, she is visiting professor at Italian and foreign universities.

      Francesco Gallucci is one of the pioneers of neuromarketing in Italy. He is the vice president and a co-founder of AINEM and professor of Neuromarketing for Design at Milan Polytechnic.

      Mariano Diotto is a university lecturer, brand strategist and neurobranding expert.

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