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    • The Russian Sphinx
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    • Francesca Legittimo     

      The Russian Sphinx

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      An essay that explores Russian culture and society, delving into its many diverse facets and looking at literature, music, art, cinema, popular culture and folklore.

      A symbolically enigmatic figure, the sphinx is used in the book to represent Russia, a country that has always been mysterious and incomprehensible to the eyes of every Westerner.

      Building on this mythology, the author intends to remove the haze that envelops the land thanks to a series of keywords that do not always quite translate but do contain extraordinarily vast ranges of meaning that are crucial to penetrate the deepest soul of Russian reality.

      The journey begins with geography and reaches politics, passing through religion, everyday life, interpersonal relationships and the collective and personal history of a country erroneously linked to stereotypical images made of matryoshka dolls, vodka and icons.

      About the author

      Francesca Legittimo was born in Bolzano in 1969. She graduated in Russian Language and Literature in Venice and then continued her studies in Moscow. She teaches Russian language at IULM and SSML Carlo Bo. She co-authored the Russian language course Davajte (Hoepli).

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