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      Crime Science

      When Science solves Cases

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      The book lays out the techniques, secrets and curiosities of forensic science, explaining them in a reader-friendly manner; it investigates famous cases so that we can better understand what we read in newspapers and see in films and TV series.

      Have you ever wondered how a murder case can be solved thanks to a single drop of blood? And how, on the other hand, a whole investigation can get screwed up in spite of seemingly seamless evidence such as DNA testing? The book shows how a fleck of skin, a hair or a leaf can lead to a name and surname. The most fascinating aspects include the main techniques used in forensic science, i.e. all the notions that come into play when evidence is found at a crime scene and needs to be analysed to solve the case.

      The book takes a rigorously scientific dive into numerous cases that have laid the foundations of current forensic techniques; even if you have no scientific experience, you will be able to follow along as the book explains the procedures and analyses, linking them to famous news cases and little-known historical curiosities.

      About the author

      Riccardo Meggiato is an internationally renowned expert in the forensic analysis of electronic devices, software and telephony. A court-appointed technical consultant and defence technical consultant (CTP and CTPO), he has over 15 years' experience working on a variety of cases in Italy and abroad. He has written over 30 books, selling over 200,000 copies in Italy. He has founded a cybersecurity and computer forensics agency. He sleeps four hours a night, which explains everything.

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