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    • Airborne Contamination Control Systems
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    • Leonello Sabatini     

      Airborne Contamination Control Systems

      A design Manual

      • Overview
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      This is a technical and practical handbook for designing clean rooms, i.e. controlled atmosphere spaces.

      These spaces are present in all industries where processes must be carried out in uncontaminated environments in order to ensure product quality as well as to protect the health of the people working therein.

      The book is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the concepts of contaminants and contamination control, and provides a classification and description of system types and their applications depending on the environment. The second, more practical part deals with the design and construction of these systems. The third and final part focuses on system sizing and environmental impact.

      About the author

      Leonello Sabatini is a graduate in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Pisa. He has worked on the creation of control systems for airborne contamination and clean rooms for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and electronic industries in various countries around the world. He is the founder, president and technical director of Lesatec, a company that produces systems and machinery for controlled contamination systems.

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