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    • Great Changes
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      Great Changes

      Evolution between Competition and Cooperation

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      A wonderful journey into nature's grand designs, illustrated by evolutionary biology – the natural science concerned with describing the history of life on Earth.

      The authors show how every major evolutionary change is driven not only by the Darwinian struggle for life, i.e. competition, but also by another decisive factor, namely cooperation. Genes cooperate with each other in the genome, genomes in cells, cells in tissues, organs in organisms, organisms in populations; interaction generates new responses to environmental needs.

      From the history of life to extinctions and epigenetics, this book presents the pathways of evolution through curious examples of adaptations from the animal and plant kingdoms.

      About the author

      Carlo Soave is a former professor of Agricultural Genetics and Plant Physiology and director of the Department of Biology at the University of Milan. With Gianpaolo Bellini he co-authored Dall'atomo all'Io (Hoepli 2017).

      Fiorenza De Bernardi, Professor of Zoology at the Natural Sciences degree course at the University of Milan, has published around 170 scientific papers, the most recent of which concern the evolution of the nervous system in marine invertebrates.

      Umberto Fascio is a former director of the Interdepartmental Centre for Advanced Microscopy. His numerous contributions have been published in international journals. He organises scientific photography courses for secondary schools to raise young people's awareness of the importance of scientific research.

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