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      Fun Tai Chi

      A User-funny Handbook

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      A Tai Chi manual explained in a fun and accessible way, with theoretical lessons and practical exercises together with Master Shifu, who sneaks in between one chapter and the next.

      It is believed that Tai Chi strengthens the body and mind, increases vitality, dispels stress, strengthens self-confidence, stimulates creativity and improves the immune system. This is therefore the purpose of this book: not just a simple sports manual, but to rediscover our inner well-being, having fun and without ever losing sight of the authoritativeness of this discipline.

      This book is organized into two sections: The Yin World (the theoretical, philosophical, and spiritual part) and, by rotating the book, it is possible to be immersed in The Yang World (practical and combat lessons).

      Practical lessons include 5 blocks of exercises (all illustrated): the 10 basic positions of Tai Chi all connected to QR codes that link to demonstrative video-lessons, the 8 techniques, the 8 fundamental exercises or the 8 pieces of brocade, the game of the 5 animals, the 24-form, famous all over the world and illustrated in the book and explained step by step.

      Kung Fu Song is a song specifically made to accompany all the video-lessons and simplify learning the terminology and the positions.

      About the author

      Fabrizio Mercandelli, born in 1976 in Milan, was raised and lived in the heart of Milan’s Chinatown. Chair of the Dong Fang Lei school set up by Master Xu Zaixing, he teaches these martial arts in gyms, companies and holds training courses which are recognised and accredited in the medical field.

      Carol Visconti practices Yoga and Kung Fu; in 2002, she made her first steps in the world of cabaret (from Zelig to Colorado) to then move on to theatre where she debuted with Enrico Beruschi, and into television and cinema with the Christmas movies directed by the Vanzina brothers and Neri Parenti, Massimo Boldi and Giulio Base. She was part of the team of John Peter Sloan.

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