Autore: Robert L. Stevenson

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    • Robert L. Stevenson   

      The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

      Level C1

      An eminent scientist, Dr Jekyll, his despicable alter ego, Mr Hyde, and a well-respected London lawyer, Mr Utterson are the main protagonists of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, one of the greatest classics of English literature. What lies behind the strange occurrences between Utterson's old friend Henry Jekyll and the evil Edward Hyde? The lawyer investigates and deciphers the mystery, which is not only a detective case but a reflection on the ambiguity of human nature and a criticism of Victorian hypocrisy.

      This volume includes an essential biography of the author, an extensive introduction, spot-on notes to the text, and a wide range of activities for comprehension and analysis. Each section of activities also contains first-style exercises that promote language competence and cultural knowledge.