Autore: Jack London

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    • Jack London   

      The Iron Heel

      The Iron Heel will engage the reader in a political fiction story that is considered one of the most powerful inspirations to the genre of dystopian novels.

      The events narrated by London chronicle the rise of an oligarchic tyranny in the United States. Avis and Ernest Everhard, the protagonists of the book try to overturn the unfair economic system based on injustices and social inequities through a class struggle, but things are far from being easy when the Iron Heel of the Capitalist class is determined to keep the power in its hands.

      In the book, London’s socialist views are openly displayed as is his visionary prediction of a future in which a newly established order will eventually triumph. The novel poses the question about the existence of an Iron Heel in our society and its modern meaning.

      The text includes a variety of activities for the four skills and dossiers to discover more about cultural and historical aspects and Mp3 files.

    • Jack London   

      The Call of the Wild

      Level A1/A2

      Buck is a husky dog living a nice, quiet life in a big garden. One day, two thieves steal him and sell him. Suddenly, Buck must pull a sled through the cold Yukon. Slowly, he starts to like his new life. Soon, he becomes the leader of the dogs – and everything changes. The Call of the Wild is a new version of Jack London’s exciting novel set in the Yukon during the Gold Rush. It uses simple language and features many activities that test the reader’s comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. It also includes a dossier about Canada.