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    • Sara Taddeo   

      It Takes Courage

      For a sustainable and inclusive Business

      This is a book on courage in business. You will discover which personal qualities and organisational cultures nurture courage and contribute to innovation and the growth of a sustainable and inclusive business.

      Sara Taddeo puts courage at the heart of the skill set needed to navigate the challenges of the 2030 Agenda. Weaving together business cases, interviews and reflections on how to foster a culture of courage, she proposes an approach that sees diversity and inclusion as a way to design a new pact between people and businesses.

      The book is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, HR directors, DE&I specialists and HR enthusiasts. It includes inspiring courage-training exercises.

    • Fabiano Guatteri   

      The milanese Cookbook

      A description of Milanese gastronomy and culinary customs through 160 recipes adorned by the illustrations of Andrea Antinori, winner of the 2023 International Illustration Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

      Collected in just one book there are the history, anecdotes, techniques, products and language of a unique cuisine, which forms an integral part of the life and culture of Milan.

      Luigi Veronelli’s historical foreword introduces what has now become a classic of the cuisine of Milan, which now features new images to make this volume more approachable by younger generation readers.

    • Enrico Morteo    Orsina Simona Pierini   

      Inside Houses

      Interiors in Milan 1928-1978

      For the first time, a book enters the homes of Milan and describes the development of interiors from the advent of modernity to the season of post-modernism. The volume is in two languages Italian/English.

      The authors have conducted vast and innovative research work, combing through period magazines, the archives of architects and photographers, and the investigations of Triennale, noticing that the journey of interior architecture has intermingled with the accelerations of Arts Avant-gardes and the emergence of a new role for objects. Italian design comes also from here.

      The elegant and particular modernity of some Milanese masters, such as Franco Albini, Ignazio Gardella and Luigi Caccia Dominioni subsequently gives way to the experiments and international approaches of Joe Colombo, Ettore Sottsass, Vitoriano Viganò and Nanda Vigo, while each decade defines its own common language, interpreted by different personalities such as Magistretti and Minoletti; Mangiarotti and Morassutti, Zanuso, and by the Latis and Monti brothers, who share the “Milanese canon” in which elegance and practicality are combined. An intimate and reserved portrait of Milan emerges, sometimes predictable and often unexpected–a new look at the city.

    • María Lozano Zahonero   

      A new Guide to Spanish Grammar

      Theory and Practice

      The Nueva gramática de uso de la lengua española (A new guide to Spanish grammar) is a language learning manual designed to achieve level A1-A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

      This book is characterized by a cognitive approach to language and is organized to ensure an educational progression. It is divided into units developed on two-facing pages: contents are presented on the left, with clear theoretical explanations while, on the right, various types of exercises are provided relating to the topics which have just been covered.

      Students are helped in their studies by the inclusion of numerous infographics which foster the visual learning of some major aspects of the language.

      Particular care is devoted to the different varieties of the Spanish language and to correcting the most common mistakes made by Italian speakers.

      At the end of the book, there are the solutions to all the exercises. There are also Mp3 audio tracks.

    • Paolo Alessandrini   

      Mathematics on the pitch

      Numbers and geometries in the game of football

      The author ranges from the geometry of soccer balls to the combinatorics of tournament calendars, going through the physics of goal shots, the mathematics of sports betting, and the theory of games in penalty kicks.

      The book is structured along the lines of a soccer match, with a pre-match stage, a first half, half-time, a second half, extra time, penalty kicks and the after match. That’s not all, since a lot of mathematics is embedded in the game of soccer: numbers, statistics and technology are now rapidly acquiring an important role on the pitches, as evidenced by the increasing significance of systems such as VAR or match analysis.

      Every chapter starts with a soccer anecdote, which paves the way to questions where mathematics plays the main role.

    • Beatrice Fiorentino   

      A New History of Cinema

      From its origins to its future

      With its critical and yet informative approach, accessible to both expert readers and cinema lovers at their first movies, this book examines the most significant artistic, historic, technological and social stages that have marked the history of cinema.

      From cave paintings to magic lanterns, through to the invention of cinematograph by the Lumière brothers, followed by contextualising events in mainly chronological, but also digressive sequence, from the first “legendary” projection of Arrival of a train at La Ciotat, to the astonishment still felt by the audience on viewing the stunning landscapes in Avatar 2. Silent movies and the golden age of Hollywood; the genres and auteur movies; movements, schools, waves: neorealism, the “vagues”, the New Hollywood, post-modern cinema, the crisis of theatres and the relaunch of cinecomics, sagas and reboots, arriving at the challenges of new languages in the age of on-demand platforms.

      A thoroughly reasoned journey, with a wealth of images and specific text boxes, whose aim is to provide information about the origins, but which especially tries to create a connection with the present time, and ventures to think about the future.

    • Gabriele Ghisellini   

      The Universe Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

      New Astronomies

      This is a guide to the exploration of the heavens and to the discoveries made thanks to powerful new telescopes, which have revealed a universe very different from the one we were used to.

      For thousands of years, astronomy relied on the human eye to observe the sky. But the stars do not just emit visible light: they also produce and radiate other types of light, from radio waves to gamma rays.

      Here, the author shows us a much more energetic, violent, variable and unpredictable cosmos, where neutron stars pack more mass than the Sun into a 10-km-radius sphere. He explains how infrared rays can be used to observe the birth of a star and the formation of a planet.

    • Gabriele Marino    Bruno Surace   


      Understanding the Dynamics of hypersocial Communication

      This book provides a thorough understanding of the communicative and cultural dynamics of the top social media platform of the moment, thanks to the contribution of a group of scholars combining media studies, sociology, semiotics and linguistics.

      Complementing the reader-friendly theoretical framework is an interdisciplinary outlook that includes a series of thematic case studies: audiovisual formats and genres, sound and music, fashion and characters, language and slang, sexuality and modes of self-representation.

      The book is intended for the broader audience of people inside and outside universities who want to go beyond the inner workings of TikTok and understand its role as a sweeping socio-cultural phenomenon involving communication and marketing professionals, communication scholars and students of communication courses, creatives and content creators. It is also ideal for anyone looking for tools to fathom what is not just the “viral phenomenon of the week” or the “latest hot app”, but one of the most powerful forces in contemporary communication.

    • Simone Baroni   

      Nuclear Fusion. Myth or Reality?

      A possible Breakthrough for a new source of Energy

      This is a book to learn more about waste, ultra-safe reactors and attempts at energy efficiency, up to the search for Helium-3 on the Moon.

      After decades of testing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California was able to produce more energy than the amount used to trigger the reaction, giving concrete evidence of a breakthrough in energy production.

      This book explains all the background to the discovery and its effects. Above all, it calls for transparency in the communication of a chequered news story. After showing how energy is produced by fusing deuterium and tritium nuclei, the author explains the myth of the Q-factor and presents the results of other ongoing experiments around the world.

    • Stefano Pisoni    Arcangelo Caiazzo   

      Web3 Marketing

      NFT, DAO, DeFi and the Metaverse

      Web3 Marketing is a comprehensive handbook that allows everyone to understand the marketing opportunities offered by the technologies behind the metaverse and the broader Web3.

      After an introduction to how blockchain, cryptocurrencies and different types of NFTs work, the book goes on to show how to build an NFT community, how to use social media and how to set up an influencer marketing campaign for NFTs.

      Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to take advantage of the possibilities offered by one of today's major technological innovations, the book is rounded out by a glossary and an appendix dedicated to the best NFT coins by market capitalisation.