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    • Ulysses in the Land of the Dead
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    • Glenda Sarah Dewey     

      Ulysses in the Land of the Dead

      Level A2

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      Ulysses in the Land of the Dead is based on the Odyssey. After the battle of Troy, Ulysses and his men finally sail for Ithaca. This voyage, which should have taken a month, becomes a very long one; it takes ten long years to get home because of the trouble Ulysses faces on the way. The story told in this book describes Ulysses’ journey in the Hades, the land of the dead. He sails towards Tartarus in accordance with Circe’s foretelling. As soon as he disembarks, he orders his men to cut the throats of two black goats in order to attract the dead. At the sight of the blood, the ghosts arrive and Ulysses will be helped to cope with the dangers of his following journeys thanks to their predictions. The story is told using simple and direct language. The volume is completed by notes and language activities which help the reader understand the story, appreciate aspects of the writing, memorize vocabulary, focus on and practice language structures. There are also some KET style activities as required for the certificate attainment. There are dossiers that explore and expand the cultural aspects associated with epic poems and the Odyssey, which have been adapted to encourage CLIL techniques. The whole story is recorded.


      The Author - The Odyssey: an Epic Poem - Sailing to the Land of No Return - Ghosts love Blood - Neptune’s Punishment - The Legendary Ajax the Great - Elpenor’s Prophecy - Tiresias, the Woman-Shaped Ghost - Return to Ithaca

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