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    • The Sign of Four
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    • Arthur Conan Doyle     

      The Sign of Four

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      Greed, betrayal and vengeance set the stage for this Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic. Mary Morstan, a young governess, has been receiving a rare and lustrous pearl annually from an anonymous benefactor. This mysterious person now wants a meeting. Anxious and bewildered, Miss Morstan asks Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to escort her to this meeting. Together they go to the home of an eccentric man, Thaddeus Sholto, who tells them that his father, Major Sholto, was in the army in India with Miss Morstan’s father where the two had come to possess a fabulous treasure. Subsequently, her father mysteriously disappeared without his promised share. A guilt-ridden Major Sholto hid the treasure. Years later, Major Sholto receives a letter which leaves him in a state of shock and despair, but he dies before being able to reveal its contents or the location of the treasure to his sons. Thaddeus’ twin brother, Bartholomew, spends weeks digging and searching for the treasure and has finally just found it. This volume and Audio-CD offer the opportunity to enjoy reading while learning at the same time. Notes and language activities help the reader to follow the story, appreciate aspects of the writing, memorize vocabulary and practice language structures.

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