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    • David Copperfield
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    • Charles Dickens     

      David Copperfield

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      This is a story about the life of David Copperfield, from childhood to maturity. Little David, orphaned at the age of ten, is sent by his stepfather to work in a factory.

      Here he lodges with the Micawbers, who are kind people but find themselves in constant financial difficulty.

      When David can no longer live with them, he decides to run away. He seeks refuge at the home of his aunt, Miss Betsy Trotwood.

      The plot is full of twists and turns and has, like most of Dickens’ novels, a happy ending. David Copperfield contains many autobiographical elements that mirror Dickens’ own life. In fact, he considered this novel his “favourite child”. To this day it remains the best loved and most acclaimed of Dickens’ novels.


      List of Characters - David Copperfield - Activities - Dossier - Glossary.

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