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      Smart Working

      Telecommuting tools and skills

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      The book explains how to be organised and productive even when working remotely, away from the traditional office – something that has become a crucial and very topical form of work.

      The tech-focused sections explore tools for remote and mobile working, including specific apps for chats, voice calls, video calls, webinars and project management. They are complemented by case studies and investigations into time, travel and team management. The book is a valuable resource also for long-time remote workers, as it shows them how to boost performance, cut costs and exploit technology to optimise time management and overcome modern obstacles. It is a full-blown guide packed with everything you need to work with smartphones, tablets and PCs, but above all to make the most of your time, skills and creativity.

      About the author

      Cristiano Carriero was born in Bari and lives in Jesi. He is a storyteller and journalist for Esquire, Rivista11 and SenzaFiltro. He teaches Marketing at the University of Communication and Advertising of Urbino. He is co-founder of La Content Academy. His works for Hoepli include LinkedIn and Influencer Marketing. He edits the DM+Pro series.

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