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      E-commerce and UX

      Guide to the Design and Customization of E-Commerce

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      Every form of e-commerce should be customized even at the earliest steps of its design. Customization makes for better e-commerce, able to meet the market’s standards as well as customers’ expectations.
      The focus of this book is the untapped potential of online business – especially the benefits of a customization-oriented approach built around user experience. It consists of three sections. The first one deals with the realization processes of an e-commerce, analyzing the essential metrics of the decision-making processes. The second section explores the customization toolbox aimed at increasing customer loyalty. The most important KPIs of online and traditional business are also covered. The last section of the book is dedicated to a series of case studies, including interviews to e-commerce and data analysis experts.

      About the author

      Giacomo Carrozza specializes in Business Administration. He works in the field of omnichannel e-commerce for an American advisory company. Carrozza is a Mentor and teacher on the subject of early-stage start-ups. He also organizes events dedicated to the digital sector.
      Lisa Liberio specializes in International Business. She provides her services to several Italian companies, advising them on how to improve their web accessibility and digital certainty.

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