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      From Tokens to Blockchains – A Journey into immaterial Economy

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      This is a long interview with Thomas Bertani, an Italian opinion-maker of the crypto-world, aimed at answering the main questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

      In 2021, Bitcoin reached a value of over 60,000 dollars per unit. Today, there are about 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the world and international research has shown that 100 million people trade them daily, generating a turnover of 300 billion dollars – almost 100 times the average daily turnover on the Milan Stock Exchange.

      But how do cryptocurrencies work? Is it true that they are used by fraudsters and organised crime?

      This book delves deep into the hottest and most controversial issues surrounding the often misunderstood world of cryptocurrencies; “electronic money” is often identified with the events surrounding the Bitcoin bubble and its allegedly illegal use that has created a sense of mistrust and distrust among many citizens. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency experiment is still going strong.

      About the author

      Arturo Di Corinto is a cognitive and communication psychologist as well as a professor at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is also a journalist specialised in privacy, copyright and cybersecurity. He writes for "il Manifesto" and "la Repubblica".

      Luca Poma is a professor at the LUMSA University in Rome and at the University of the Republic of San Marino; he has written 13 books and hundreds of essays and articles. For his communication projects, in 2007 he received the Silver Plaque of the President of the Italian Republic and, in 2011, the Public Affairs Award for Outstanding Communication.

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