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      Fondant Chocolate Codex

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      Dark, with the slightest yet unmistakeable bitter aftertaste – fondant chocolate is this and a lot more. Here, all the steps behind a simple slab of chocolate are presented. The book is dedicated to dark fondant chocolate exclusively – from the plant to its scented fruit, from the harvest to the milling, from cocoa mass to slabs, from tasting techniques to pairings and finally to dark chocolate as the star ingredient of acclaimed recipes. Pairings with drinks such as coffee, water, beer, tea and liquor come along with recommendations from experts. Aficionados will discover the secrets of these brilliant pairings. The book ends with starred recipes to make sure there’s no hint of bitterness.

      About the author

      Giuseppe Vaccarini has been a professional sommelier since 1972. He was elected World’s Best Sommelier in 1978. In 2007 he founded ASPI (Italian Professional Sommelier Association). He advises many companies in the food and drink industry.

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